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George Knighton

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Mar 23, 2003
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Decided to give a try to a Verizon MVNO called US Mobile.

My main lines are T-Mobile Magenta Max, but I'm using the Old Guy discount and limited to four lines.

When somebody asked me to start a fifth line, I decided to try a cheap US Mobile line. It worked fine, so then I upgraded to unlimited on that line and added one for myself.

I couldn't figure out the interface and although I didn't have high hopes, I tried their online help chat.

When it became clear to the online representative that I was a complete moron, he took over the process and got everything sorted, with the two lines on the same anniversary date so that they would charge at the same time.

These lines are 30.00/each for unlimited-everything. "Premium" or "Priority" (whatever you want to call it) data is limited to 75 GB, but that's plenty.

QCI value is 8, so they're serious.

Coverage has been great and it works everywhere Verizon works. Unfortunately, in the part of the world where I live, work and travel, T-Mobile is still better than Verizon. (I know, that's hard to believe.)

But if you're looking for a Verizon MVNO, I think that US Mobile is ahead of Visible and the others.

Just my experience. :)
An attractive 15.00/month discount at Visible made me move over and try them.

But an administrative catastrophe involving 2FA and trying to switch back and forth between Visible Basic and Visible Plus, and I'm back at US Mobile.

If it matters to anybody, the US Mobile application is far more advanced than Visible, with much more information available and an easier to use interface.

Visible allows only one line per account, whereas US Mobile allows you to manage several lines from the same account, which I think for many of us would be a big advantage.