T-Mobile 5G Speed Test Results

Better in Downtown Sanford ~1Gbps. Towers are spaced out here decently, no issues with getting signal/decent service.

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Orlando (MCO) terminal B could use a bump. N71 is decent, but left to auto, speeds are poor on LTE B2 or B66.10Mbps or less.

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Middle of nowhere in central Georgia

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Faunsdale Alabama. Population of around 80 people. IMG_0950.JPG

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Reminds me of San Harmony, CA ... pop 18
This was Louisville, KY a few weeks ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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~1800 is fantastic for 180MHz. We have 190MHz live here and I've never seen more than ~1400.
I get over a gig routinely on several different areas of the city. But I've been starting to get gig speeds in several places even outside the Louisville Metro here lately too since the Auction 108 Spectrum was turned on. It's increadable the capacity there is.