Post-Obi GV to POTS phone...any other good ways anymore ??

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The vast majority of USians are so well off, they just autopay recurring subscriptions without thinking about the line items, or even looking.

To the point that there are dozens of services based on helping them manage all the free trials, special offers etc they sign up for and forget about, Truebill being a leading example

That's still just irresponsible to do. Take 30min/mo and reconcile statements.. it's not that hard.

I'm actually impressed with how bad people are with money here in the US, but it's likely due to money being such a taboo subject for some odd reason.

I do pretty well, but I know exactly where nearly every penny goes (other than a few hundred I set aside for random purchases when traveling for work), as I want to be able to work minimally by the time i'm 45 and well on track to be able to do so.
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^^I recently had an issue with my ISP which remains unfixed, even after an fcc complaint. Issue was - unable to reach certain parts of the internet from my location. Friends with same isp in different geographical locations could reach endpoint successfully. After escalating the issue to NOC, they basically told me to pound sand. For some reason, the peering partner used after traffic left the isp had routing configuration issues. Given I can't control the route taken, I still consider this an ISP issue. But, because there's so few complaints about it, they're not going to do anything to reroute or use a different peering partner.

I requested some sort of compensation given that I have to incur additional expense and time in implementing a workaround. They complied. An ongoing discount was applied. The other day I get a letter indicating said discount will come off because im not meeting the terms of the offer (certain wireless service is required). The agent who added the code said to disregard the letter as it was automatically mailed. We'll see in future bills if it's still reflected.

I do have autopay to debit card configured on the isp (else there's additional charge), but do log in shortly after bill generates to make manual credit card payments less a dollar or so. All credit cards have transaction notifications enabled, so any autopays generate emails even if they're not from the billing entity.

Personally hate autopay. Had a car loan set up that way years ago. Until the bank decided to double dip one month.