My USA Samsung Galaxy A53 doesn't get software updates with my Tracfone sim card.


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Dec 12, 2011
Samsung Galaxy z Fold 3
I have a Samsung Galaxy A53 activated with a $20 Tracfone plan that I use as a cheap seperate work phone. I also have a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 that I use as my personal phone with Verizon Prepaid.

I was using the A53 on Verizon Prepaid as my main device before I bought my ZF3 and I was getting updates just fine under Verizon Prepaid. I bought the ZF3 in April from Amazon. I activated the A53 under Tracfone in May.

I'm pissed, because since May, my A53 has been under the March security update. Everytime I clicked check for new updates, there wasn't a new one. I randomly decided to try putting my Verizon sim back into the A53 and was able to get all the updates to come through.

It's weird. Has this happened to anyone else? I bought my A53 from Amazon in August 2022 and used it on Verizon Prepaid until I bought my ZF3 in April.
I think I replied to your reddit post.

I think it is might be an CSC/region code issue.
Saw your post and updated my A53 with several downloads and installations. It's now with One UI 5.1, Android 13, Android security patch level November 1, 2023.
I have constantly changed carriers with this A53, and been lazy for software update. Recently it's been with Dish network rainbow SIM, and seems it gets the latest update without issue.
Same here. Others have experienced similar issues when switching carriers. It's often due to the way certain carriers handle device updates and push them out. If you're looking for more detailed advice or solutions, contacting propstream customer service might not be directly related to this tech issue, but they could potentially provide some general guidance on customer service practices or point you in the direction of a more relevant support service for your phone problems.
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This is what my TF branded Samsung A53 5G currently has:



Just got the 6.1 One UI version update and May 1st Google play system update today.
The 6.1 One update changed the power down menu:

Screenshot_20240521_191736_One UI Home.jpg
I got the 6.1 Update like a week ago.
Just got the May 1st Security Update on my A53.

Screenshot_20240529_160047_Software update.jpg

Screenshot_20240529_160716_Settings (1).jpg