Anyone else buy the Blackberry Keyone from Sprint like me?


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Jan 15, 2005
Vzn 7250 bberry EVDO tether
Tomorrow is day 14 of the 14 day trial with the Sprint Blackberry Keyone. I love the hardware but am scared to death of the carrier. Not to mention there are plenty of dead zones for sprint coverage in my area that Verizon and ATT are wall to wall. Like I stated I really like the Keyone but Im afraid sprint will screw up my bill and I would then have to deal with the worst customer support on planet earth. Today they turned off my phone and closed my account because (per support) "I dont use it", what? I have been using it every day but a lot of wifi and small amounts of cell data. Not much voice because I need to port my main number from verizon so I dont really call anybody with the keyone. I guess Im looking for somebody to tell me sprint is okay. I would love to keep using this phone, but sprint support worries me.