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As I was mentioning to a few people before, this is one of the reasons why I ended jumping ship to a TyTN. On a clean boot I am running easily about 25megs of RAM on a 64meg unit. And this is while running three, albeit small apps in the background and the Today screen full of plug-ins, which would be on the same note as the Standby screen.

Nokia, what is going on? Don't keep us waiting. Throw a bone to us tech-heads.
I agree...if they're going to pound the "multimedia computer" into our heads they better realize that they're released some real "under powered" computers when they don't offer up the appropriate RAM. Fp1 phones have allowed us to see the light in regards to a lightning fast UI but they need to bolster up the RAM in ALL s60 devices, not just the E90.

..and throw a little more juice our way...we know you can do it....E61 family has it and you know the the N73 has it.....Take a look at the N95 sales...you know we'll spend the extra buck for something that's done right. (although the N95 isn't all there imo)