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Thread: Diabolic53MP-V360

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    Motorola V360
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    <<<<<<<<Diabilic35 MP v1.4 Final IS HERE>>>>>>>>>
    Diabolic53MP v1.4 release changes:
    Compatibility :08a0,08D0 ( Diabolic53MP v1.4a) 08a0,08A2 (Diabolic53MP v1.4b)

    -Websessions for Orange & Vodafone with proper settings
    -Reboot in Menu( replaces Software Update)
    -Diabolic53MP v1.4 DRM( reduced timigs & DRM patch included )
    -Multifont Patch
    -Increased Bluetooth activiti time
    -SMS/MMS Report allways on
    -SMS ringer doesn't change along with the ring style
    -Airplanemode Enabled
    -USB charging in menu
    -All files accesibile by OBEX(bluetooth)
    -Calls are not deleted on SIM swap
    -No vibratio/sound when changing volume
    -Photos are saved automaticly
    -Corelets available in Java list
    -Enhanced corelet functions : -Acces Code
    -Acces RAM
    -Acces Seem
    -Acces Sistem files
    -Alarm Clock status icon enabled
    -iTap increased to 15 Kb
    -320 KB/s Songs suport
    -Acces system files
    -Deleted empty folders form TF
    -MMS limit increased to 1000KB
    -New Format Filenames for photos DD/MM/YY
    -Java Backlight
    -Java Status line removed
    -Java Working in background
    -Java working with usb cable
    -Send Replaces Exit in phonebook
    -Picture zoon increased to 200% & 250%
    -Increased snooze time in alarms
    -Java run without confirmation from Datebook
    -Use + when in a call to go to main menu
    -IMEI remaped at * + 0
    -Menu +red= block keybord & Menu +Green = unlock
    -Ring styles for Email messages
    -Blacklist Enabled
    -Menu+0 shortcut(opcode menu)
    -All previous skins from v1.3 DELETED
    -Earpiece sound improuved ( bigger bass and louder sound) for both usb&mini-jack Headphones
    -Sms timezone problem fixed
    -Itunes icon in menu and iTunes Button added ( just press once the brouser button)
    -PDS pathced firmware- now you cand flash on AER/E0R locked phones

    Java : -Latest versions from previous Java aplications
    -MobiChat added - free yahoo,MSN &AIM messenger
    -Media Viewer 1.0
    -Virtual Corelet 1.27
    Skins : -Moto -adapted by Diabolic53
    -Bluelovers -adapted by Diabolic53& Bigdealear
    -CrystalBlack -adapted by Diabolic53
    -MotoWSW -adapted by Diabolic53
    -Symbian S40
    Links : With Multifont LP : Diabolic53MP v1.4a (08A0 08D0) Diabolic53MP v1.4b (08A0 08A2)
    With-out Multifont -will post later
    Special thx to Bigdealer, waveboy2u & next_level_gangsta

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    hey your links for 1.4 version are not working...
    can you upload it to ?

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    Yes a new link is needed!

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    Hi! I have Motorola V360 phone with Vodafone soft on it. I want to resoft it but I don't know what MP version to use. Any help will be appreciated.

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