They are offering a bunch of promotions for my zipcode. But strange promotions for Cingular plans On all the Cingular plans including the Home 15 ($14.99) and Home 50 ($19.99).
These promotions include 3000 night and weeknd minutes per month, free nationwide long distance, caller ID, voice mailbox and only a 12 month contract.

Whats strange is I called Cingular and also checked their website and this is totally different then what Cingular is offering. For the Home 15, nothing and for the Home 50 only unlimited night and weekend. They were surprised to hear about these promotions and didnt know about them. Do the companies talk to each other?
Simplexity told me that this is what CIngular has authorized them to offer and that I'd be only buying the phone through them and the service is through Cingular. But they are only offerring 3 phones and very expensive and I think older models:
Ericsson A1228di $49.99
Nokia 5165 $99.99
Nokia 8260 $199.99

This makes me very skeptical of not only the company but what they are offering. So I called Cingular and they did tell me they'd honor the plan and I could order directly through them (at least thats what one vry unknowledgable and unhelpful service rep told me). And I could either get the phone through Cingular or somewhere else.

What do you all think of Simplexity and this awesome promotion they are offerring that not even Cingular itself is offerring on their website. And where should I get the phone?