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Hoping to get some good advice.
My fiance and I are, unfortunately, considering leaving t mobile....My fiance has had them for 7+ years, which was how/why they won my business from Sprint. So it's been a year+ now and we were excited to do our upgrades but we couldn't; we did not have 12 months of on time payments consecutively, which I get! But here's the rub, when we set up the account, we had ask to have auto pay on the 4th of the month - we were told "ok on the 4th, you will be charged." so we would go about our month as if it was already deducted...but it wasn't... It would be charged on the 6th instead...and by that time we had already went over the limit to allow for t mobiles charge to go through, which would make us late on our payment.
This had happened numerous times, we called every month to try and fix their problem and it was always the same...2-3 days after the payment was supposed to go through...
Long story short; (and I pose this question for a third person perspective) is this fair? We can't upgrade b/c their billing 'timing' made our payments late / b/c of an error on t mobiles end so we ask " to keep our business, could you (t mobile) please honor the 12 month (of on time payments) $0 down for new/upgrade phone?"
Does that seem fair? Beleive me, I've called numerous times and explained the situation... And it doesn't seem t mobile wants our business anymore

So 'am I keeping t mobile?' I'd like to, but now I have I get quotes from the other providers just to upgrade! Btw, this is coming from a veteran of the armed forces living on a fixed income so, if finances weren't so tight, this wouldn't be an issue....unfortunately it is. Thank you in advance for any advice / help/ your time. I hope this reaches the right person/people and hope this DOESN'T happen to anyone else.
I just want to say thank you for your service to the USA!