Just some thoughts about my experiences so far:

Good Stuff:

- crystal clear reception, equal to land line
- menu is easy to negotiate once used for a bit
- does great pulling in signal from marginal areas
- classy looking in a retro sort of way (not important to me)
- voice dial flawless so far
- phone exudes quality and feels solid throughout (Toshiba!)
- screen very easy to read, even outdoors
- great ringtones
- nice alarm
- usual customizing available (force analog, CDMA only, etc)

Bad Stuff:

- battery (I get 57 hours standby and 75 minutes talk time)
- you can run out of power with car charger plugged in while talking (this surprised me) I have an aftermarket (cheap!!) car charger and maybe name brand would do better.
- incoming calls not timed, although if you reset timers at the beginning of the day, you can figure it out.


It's a heck of a phone for 100 bucks. Based on my car charger experience, I think I'll have to spring for an extended battery, or buy a second standard battery off Ebay and swap in/out when needed.