This seems to be the right place to get some honest to goodness deals on an account. Between speaking to misinformed reps all day, I figured I will come to the source and get it done.

The following are the requirements,
Need 10 Bluetooth Compatable Phones, Used for calling camera's and other gadgets not needed.
Need 4 High End Blackberrys, (preferebly 8700c)
Need 2 Normal basic Blackberrys
Minute package above 20,000 (preferbly 25,000) total pooled together.
Unlimited Data on all Blackberrys, we are running the Enterprise Server.
Weekends and Nights after 7p.m, mobile to mobile, and weekends and nights.

I have the basic cookie cutter plans courtasy of cingular and verizon reps, but If any of you reps are looking for some extra commission please contact me through pm. Or you can duke it out battle royal here in the forum .

Thank you for all of your help!