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Thread: Looking for tips on buying first cell phone

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    Looking for tips on buying first cell phone

    I'm looking to buy a cell phone for the 1st time (I'll actually be buying two--one for myself and my wife). I had a cell phone for work years ago, and my wife currently has a crappy Nokia thru Cingular. Anyways, I've already gone through the painful process of choosing a provider (I'm going with Verizon), and limiting cell phone selection (we'll be getting two--not necessarily the same--of any of the following: LG VX8100, Samsung I730, Motorola e815, or Samsung A970).

    Anyways, I was wondering what's the most cost-effective and satisfying way to buying your first cell phone(s)? Would you recommend buying online, over the phone, or in store? Any particular stores (online or brick/mortar) that you'd recommend? Are the phones going to pretty much cost the same amount (I'll be getting a 1-year contract) no matter where I get them from? Since this is my 1st cell in a while, would I be best served getting it at a brick/mortar in case I want to return it or exchange for another model?

    Any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated!

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    I would suggest that you ask this in the Verizon forum since you have already specified certain phone models. Be sure to state what kind of monthly plan you'll be looking for in terms of usage, whether you need mobile to mobile minutes meaning that calls between Verizon numbers are cheaper (if not free, not sure which of the two it is) and if you need roaming abilities with CDMA or AMPS providers where Verizon may not have coverage.

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