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Thread: Can 720

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    jakob Guest

    Can 720

    lately i've heard that a mysterious "can 720" GSM network has surfaced... and that the ppl @ rogers are testing it before the network goes live during summer
    any ideas when??

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    Steve Punter Guest

    Re: Can 720

    Rogers promised the network would be operational on July 1st. I don't know of any information that would shed any further light on this question. And yes, 302-720 is the Rogers network.

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    metacoretex Guest

    Can 720

    Rogers' GSM/GPRS network won't be up until later on this year prob sept. as the 1st phase calls for 470 sites to be deployed in Ontario by July 1st but as of last week they only have 190 up so far. This is coming from a Rogers Employee.

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    Steve Punter Guest

    Re: Can 720

    Your figures sound correct based on my present mapping of the Cell IDs. It was beginning to look as though they weren't going to make their promised July 1st launch date, and so Sept 1st seems much more reasonable.

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    Tarken Guest


    I live in Montreal and I have noticed the CAN-720 has started appearing on the list of 'available networks' on my phone. Does anyone know whether Rogers plans to have their whole range covered by GSM when it goes active? I have heard that Rogers has a much larger coverage than Fido (Microcell).

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