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Thread: Is AT&T going to use GSM1900 in the US ?

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    labjr Guest

    Is AT&T going to use GSM1900 in the US ?

    I thought Voicestream already used this spectrum in the US.
    Or are they going to use 800mhz band or both.

    Are they just going to start using GSM phones. Maybe new phones. Dual band triple mode AMPS/TDMA 800/1900/GSM 800/1900

    Can somebody explain this to me.



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    metacoretex Guest

    Re: Is AT&T going to use GSM1900 in the US ?

    yes, at&t is converting its TDMA 1900 Mhz antennas over to GSM, so that it can have a GPRS [2.5G] network .. and eventually upgrade it to 3G [EDGE/UMTS]

    the siemens s47 will be the first TDMA/GSM phone on the market with TDMA 800/1900 and GSM 800/1900 [dunno about the AMPS] ... but this phone is still in the prototype stage ..
    won't be out till next year probably.

    So AT&T wireless will be marketing its NEW GSM/GPRS network soon and will also be selling GSM/GPRS handsets for it [in GSM1900] ...

    at&t will convert its TDMA800 network to GSM800 in the next few years.

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