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Thread: My first impressions of Panasonic TX220

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    dgorecki Guest

    My first impressions of Panasonic TX220

    Just signed up with Rogers (again) and wanted to give my impressions of the TX220:

    1. Form Factor OK (I also have a T28 with FIDO, so I'm spoiled). The sides are rubberized for better grip, but there is not a belt clip for it, so a leather case is needed, rendering the "rubberization" useless.

    2. Digital sound quality is quite good (for Rogers). Better than T18, on par with 6160, no hiss like the Startacs (really wanted a startac, but the hiss drove me crazy!).

    3. Analog is AWFUL! The worst I have heard to date. Unless I'm standing perfectly still, the rustling drowns out any conversation I'm having.

    4. Menu is excellent, except for the fact that once you change a setting is goes back to standby instead of previous menu.

    5. Display is one of the best I've seen, especially in the amber color setting.

    Just to let you know what I'm comparing against, in the recent past, I have also used: Nokia 8890,6160,6185,6190; Ericsson T28, T18z, T18d; Motorola 7867W, P8767; Samsung 2530, 8580.

    Why Rogers? I don't like sound quality of CDMA, I love FIDO but coverage is spotty (for me), so I'm keeping FIDO and Rogers for now and waiting to see how Rogers' GSM rollout goes.

    Any other reviews out there?

    David G

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    bigwireless Guest

    Response to new panasonic phone

    I really enjoyed your comments regarding the panasonic phone. You are right in the sense that there is currently not a belt clip available for the phone. Don't worry one will come. It just takes a while for the aftermarket accessory companies to catch up. The amber display is definately the best on the market. It is also very appealing to be able to change the colours of the display.

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    metacoretex Guest

    6185 you said?

    Hi there
    Just wondering what you thought of the Nokia 6185 cause you mentioned you had used one before? I'm considering getting it along with Bell Mobility .. but as far as I know it doesn't even do customized ringtones .. but it has web and CDMA (worth it?)
    so it's either that or Rogers with the motorola v2267 or that really c00l, non-web enabled Nokia 8260 .. hmmmmmm?

    And yes the nokia 6185 has a new firmware upgrade [Phase 4+, i think] which includes a WAP browser?

    that phone has a lot of stuff, but simply NO custom ringtones or logo screens! so I'm thinking I'll get a Motorola v2267(TDMA) or the v2260 if I can find that one (cause it has CDMA and a clock)

    Chris E

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    dgorecki Guest

    6185 on Bell

    First of all you should know that Nokia is known for their TDMA and GSM phones, not CDMA. They even know themselves that they have failed miserably and will try to remedy it with future models.

    The 6185 is OK on the digital side (sound quality wise) and horrible on the analog. The power rating in analog is much lower than other dual mode phones since they were trying to increase battery life (which is still pretty poor).

    When I was on Bell, I REALLY liked the Timeport P8797. The best sounding of the bunch, and the best at holding on to a call.

    I have one for sale if you're interested (along with a Startac 7867W).

    Oh, BTW the 6185 has a web browser in the latest firmware release.

    Hope this helps.


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    labjr Guest

    Re: My first impressions of Panasonic TX220

    I live in Boston area. I am getting rid of Sprint PCS in a couple weeks. Their service has been terrible. Constantly dropped calls even right in Boston and suburbs. I can't wait for the contract to end.

    I don't even want Verizon, because they use CDMA also. CDMA has a funny swirling digital sound to it. I don't want anything with the Qualcomm name on it.

    Voicestream is the GSM carrier in this area. I don't think they have much coverage off the main highways.

    I am pretty sure I'm going to AT&T. Every person I know who uses AT&T in the US, loves it. One friend who travels a lot says he rarely goes to an area where there is no coverage.

    Every time he calls, it sounds clear to me. A heck of a lot better than when my wife calls me with her Sprint phone. I don't agree that CDMA has better sounding CODECS. I auditioned every phone in the Sprint PCS store. I couldn't find one which I thought worked well.

    CDMA sounds to me, like a VOIP conversation over the Computer. Like the data comes in packets. TDMA can sound a little choppy in the fringe, but I can tolerate that easier than CDMA.

    Anyway, enough of the Sprint story.

    Next,I auditioned every phone in the AT&T store. It came down to a couple phones. The Panasonic TX-210 and the Nokia 8260.

    I concluded after several conversations using phones in several different AT&T stores, that I'll go with the Nokia 8260.

    My main concerns were, sound quality (both received and transmitted),reception and battery life.

    I called my answering machine and several people I know including one very critical friend on the different models. I called using Motorola, Mitsubishi, Panasonic TX-210 and the TX-220. The Nokia 5165, and 8260.

    To me they both sounded good. My friend thought the Panasonic TX-210 sounded a little better than the TX-220.

    He thought both of the Nokia models sounded better than everything else. I even tried to trick him, but I couldn't. Everytime I called him on either Panasonic model, he said it sounded more distant and less natural.

    The Nokia models sounded clear and close.

    The reception seemed about the same between the Pansonic and Nokia, but that was in their store. Someone else I know, has taken the Panasonic TX-210 to a known dead area and it performs as well as any Nokia, he claims.

    One drawback with the Panasonic TX-210 is the 650maH battery (optional 1400maH $69 US). They claim two hours talk time in Digital.I wonder how good the talk time really is. Cute phone though.

    TX-220 has a 1400 maH battery. They claim 4 hours talk time with it.

    Nokia phones seemed to be pretty consistent. The size of the 8260 is attractive to me. Also the 920maH battery.

    That's my opinion of the TDMA phones that AT&T offers. One phone they don't offer is the 7160 that would be interesting too!!



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    bartman911 Guest


    Do they make leather horizontal cases for the Panasonic or swivel belt clips yet? Does anyone know where I could get one, because I can't find a horizontal yet.

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    Terence Guest


    Panasonic has the horizontal case (just like those NOKIA 8290 horizontal one). I got one for our production support cell phone from teh Ajax AT&T store. I believe it was about Cdn$ 40.00.

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