I have tried the search several times to no avail. I still can not get my P910a to connect to my pc with Windows XP with Service Pack 2. I have PC Suite Version 3.2 installed with the latest drivers for the usb sync cradle. The sync hub shows up as connected when the phone is placed in the cradle. When I place the phone in the cradle the icon on the bottom does the line running sequence then stops with the icon having a jagged line with arrows on each end. I have all the files recommended listed in the McAfee firewall as suggested. I also listed them in the Windows firewall, with the firewall turned off. I am at witts end with this.

I am able to connect and synchronize the phone on my laptop from work. It runs Windows 2000. I was told by my IT person at work to remove PC Suite asap since it was not an authorized application. So I need to get my home pc to work. Any help would greatly be appreciated.