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Thread: Rogers coverage!

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    crystal Guest

    Rogers coverage!

    I just got word that Rogers is currently building 10 new sites in the Muskoka area, doubling the number of sites currently there. Apparantly they have this huge budget to build sites this year and will focus alot in Muskoka. I don't know about other places but I have sure noticed a huge improvement in service here in Waterloo (it used to be terrible)

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    Tarkenx Guest

    Re: Rogers coverage!

    Hopefully these new sites will automatically be including GSM support - I just don't see any sense not to when they are upgrading the rest of the network atthe same time.

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    crystal Guest

    Rogers coverage!

    all new sites will have GSM on them

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    Axe Guest

    Re: Rogers coverage!

    What they have to work on is coverage in NORTHERN Ontario... My wife's family lives in a little town called Hearst (about 45 mins outside of Kapuskasing... for those with Ontario maps, it is on the "other" side ) Anyway, we travel up there several times a year, but the coverage is spotty at-best north of Sudbury or north of North bay. The North Bay route is the extention of the Trans-Canada (Hwy11) and I figure that there should be Some service along the whole route. Now yes I know that comparitively there is a small population in the 'north', but have you ever been straded in Southern Ontario and hoping you had enough transmission on the one or two bars on your phone to call for help? Try being stranded w/o ANY service for HOURS at a time. Hearst's nearest Rogers/AT&T tower is 45 min away in Kap - read absolutely NO service - whereas Bell has a tower in town, analogue mind you, but good enough.

    So the moral of the story, 1) When Rogers tells you they have coast-to-coast service, I assure you that is NOT the case and 2) get gas at every 'major' centre in the middle of the night, to avoid being stranded


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    Wongster Guest

    Re: Rogers coverage!

    well actually they do have coast to coast service.. but how they say it is.. that they have like 90% coverage of canada's popluation.... remember... the word.. population... not land ..

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    torontonian2001 Guest

    Rogers GSM Coverage in Sudbury, Ontario.

    There is now GSM coverage in Sudbury, Ontario, but Fido's network is not there.

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    crystal Guest

    Rogers Coverage

    Rogers is expanding coverage rapidly in ALL of
    Ontario. Sudbury for example went from having one tower last year to four now. (Coppercliff,Valley East & Chelmsford). they also closed the coverage gap between North Bay and Deep River with 5 new sites (Hwy 17 Ottawa-North Bay corridor).they have plans to build in Hearst soon.

    They also signed a roaming agreement with Superior Wireless (they are a B-band carrier that covers remote parts between Sault Ste. Marie & Thunder Bay). All Rogers Customers will be able to use thier network.

    Sault Ste. Marie went from one tower to three now.

    What they mean by coast to coast coverage is that they have cell sites in all 10 provinces They boast this because no other carrier can claim this.

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    Wayne Hilton Guest

    Superior Wireless

    If this is a B band carrier some Rogers At&t subscribers phones will not Scan B. I work for a Rogers At&t dealer and most dealers in Toronto set the phone to Scan A on analog. The Ericsson Digital Phones will Scan B but that's about it.

    Wayne Hilton

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    crystal Guest

    Superior Wireless

    All IRDB phones (800Mhz & 1.9) will automaticly find the "B" band when the "A" band is not availible. All other phones (800Mhz dig & Analog) will have to be manually switched to the "B" band. This is regardless of the manufacturer.

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    Wayne Hilton Guest

    Superior Wireless

    Well that is understandable with the IRDB phones then. But I would think more people would have analog phones, and may not know of Scan A, Home etc. Do you know if Rogers is planning to sign a Roaming Agreement with Kenora Cellular also then?

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    crystal Guest

    Superior Wireless

    Rogers already has coverage in Kenora.

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    Wayne Hilton Guest

    Superior Wireless

    My bad I meant Dryden Cellular

    Rogers Network Serv confirmed the information on the sites in Muskoka.
    4 along 141, 2 along 69, and 2 along 169

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    crystal Guest


    superior wls covers Dryden as well. A friend of mine works there and he keeps me up to date of the new sites coming. Grey-Bruce is getting 4 more and kingston area got alot this year. about 9 between Brighton-Kingston

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    jcraig0188 Guest

    Re: sites


    Its nice to see other people know Northern Ontario exists, and actually has cellular coverage.

    I've got a question for you, do you know the approximate locations of the new Rogers AT&T sites in Sault Ste. Marie, and Sudbury? I frequent these two cities often, and would love to know for reference. (I know where some of them are already).



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    crystal Guest


    Here are the site locations for Sault Ste. Marie & Sudbury:

    -Wellington & Church
    -Hwy 550 & airport Rd.
    -new one coming up at Lock City Dairies

    -Kingsway & Barrydowne Rd.
    -Kelly Lake Rd. & Hwy 17
    -Valleyview & Belisle Dr. (Valley East)
    -Lavalee & Monte Generaux (Chelmsford)
    -new one to be ercted near the Sudbury airport

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