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Thread: What you recommend to a UK user?

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    What you recommend to a UK user?

    This is a cross-post from the Nokia firum, apologies if it's not allowed...

    I am looking for a new phone, either SIM free (which will of course be unlocked) or PAYG on my favourite provider (either my current provider - Virgin - or Fresh - CPW's VNO who run on T-Mobile, I'm undecided on that too :/ )

    I'm after something small with a keypad designed by engineers rather than fashion designers that has a fair sized memory, media player (music and video) and something that can connect easily to a PC and allow me to download stuff from my computer onto the phone preferably by Bluetooth, I liked the ability to transfer files to my A835 wshile walking round the house (didn't like the ultra slow transfer rates to that phone though)

    I'm considering:-

    [1] Sony Ericsson K700i - I've always liked SE phones (so there :P ) going right back to the Ericsson T10 (hence the T65 avatar, shame about the daft SIM holder on that phone though) does all I'd like it to do and looks like a slick phone too... or I could wait for the K600i which is 3G also (and therefore will more than likely be tied to a network)

    [2] Nokia 6230 - Just to show that I will consider anything and I'm not a total SE fanboy, this phones does all the above but IMHO imroves on the K700i by having an expandable memory, although it does feel a little odd having a high spec phone with 3310-style menus, this may have soething to do with being accustomed to SE and Moto but 6230's menus... they belong on a 3310 (not that that takes away from it being a better phone than the K700 IMO... well, not much anyway... having to remove the battery to change cards is a little inconvenient though)

    [3] Sendo X - All of the above with Series 60 Symbian OS and I don't have to remove the battery to change cards... but it's very much an unknown quantity (haven't had a play with it) from a small manufacturer so it would be exclusive (everyone has a 6230 and quite a few people have a K700) but a bit of a risk...

    What's your recommendation?

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    It sounds like you need a smartphone with bluetooth and a music player, full internet access etc. wouldn't go amiss.
    Therefore the two smartphone operating systems you need to consider for your phone are windows smartphone OS and symbian OS. The symbian OS is the most popular and widely used. More info on devices can be found at or

    Most peoples favourite handsets at the moment are:

    Sendo X2 which is out in the summer, see for more info.

    Nokia 6630 which is out now, see,,58708,00.html for more info.

    Nokia 6680 which is out soon, see,6771,70452,00.html for more info.

    There is also the Motorola MPX220, which is out now but on windows smartphone OS, see,,53,00.html for more info.

    All of these handsets are good and obviously Nokia will prove the most popular because of the brand name but i think the Sendo X2 is going to be my next choice partly because the original Sendo X was well received and the most open OS, plus i want to support the only UK mobile manufacturer. Also, they are the only manufacturer who provides regular firmware updates, additional free themes (although there was only 4 for the X, in the forums they have mentioned they are considering providing a free theme editor application), a comprehensive customer online support via and also the X2 will be supporting MP3, AAC, and AAC+.

    Hope that helps!