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Thread: how do I use my phone as modem via BT?

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    how do I use my phone as modem via BT?

    before we begin it is assumes that you have the BT drivers set up and working properly, and that you have the phone paired already with the PC
    in most cases you will just need to click the BT icon in the tray, then click on the paired phone, then click on "dial up networking" and follow the steps below depending on brand.

    in all cases make sure you have the appropriate data plan on your account because full HTML surfing is a Data pig and you will quicky regret using your phone as a modem if you "try" it without a plan

    SE phones require you to tell them where the APN resides.

    on a SE phone there are CID's.. the CID is where could reside so using the above dialer you're telling the PC to look under CID 3 on the SE PHone

    Rogers SE phones usually come like this:
    GO Rogers.....................CID=1
    rogers Media.................CID=2
    Rogers internet..............CID=3

    in this case, the apn (needed for modem use) resides in CID 3 so the dial string would be *99***3#

    If you have a generic SE where you've entered your own settings (not rogers branded) you will have to use whatever CID # to whatever account you've created where is the APN so the dial string of the PC would be *99***X#. X being the APN

    on a Moto phones with bluetooth there are 2 ways
    1> use Motorla Phone tools and set up your connectoin that way
    2> use Bluetooth dual up networking profile.

    to use the BT DUN you have to add a specific init string or it'll never work. Make sure to put the string of at+cgdcont=2,ip, in the modem settings of your controll panel or it'll never life off the ground.
    Username and password can be left blank.

    For motorola phones without BT, use motorola phone tools. it's much easier they trying to configure a usb cable then dialer but if you're up for it, go right ahead.

    Nokia phones with BT are pretty straightforward.
    Pair the phone with the PC
    make sure that in the connectivity section of the phone you have as the APN (there is no need for password/username as it's not there)

    Then, on the PC, double click the dial up networking BT icon which would be in the actual phone section (you should already have the nokia phone paired) when the dialer comes up the dial string is *99# and again, you don't need a username or password for the apn
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    HOWTO: Motorola As BlueTooth Modem

    This init string worked for me on a Motorola V500:


    To find the init string on XP: Control Panel->Phone and Modem Options->Modems Tab->BlueTooth Modem->Advanced Tab and enter in the Extra initialization commands box.

    The phone number to dial was set to *99# and username and password were both blank.
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