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Thread: THE Ultimate N-Gage FAQ

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    THE Ultimate N-Gage FAQ

    So finally, a N-Gage FAQ made by ENJOY!

    (1)What's the difference between the N-Gage and QD?
    In order to know their differences, let's compare their specs:

    Original N-Gage
    - Triband (900/1800/1900)
    - 4096 colourscreen
    - Stereo (comes with stereo headset)
    - Comes with a USB cable, recording cable and adaptor cable (for recording radio/MP3 purposes)
    - Built in MP3 player and radio
    - side-talking
    - Must turn off the phone, remove the battery cover AND battery in order to remove MMC
    - 5-way direction pad (CENTER for menu selection)
    - Comes with BL-5C battery
    - MP3, AAC, MIDI or WAV ringtones
    - Great RF

    N-Gage QD
    - Dualband (850/1900 or 900/1800)
    - 4096 colourscreen (brighter than Original N-Gage)
    - Mono (comes with dual mono headset)
    - Doesn't come with ANY cables
    - NO built in MP3 player or radio (will still be able to listen to mp3's thru 3rd party apps)
    - NO side-talking
    - Hot-swop, easy removal of MMC
    - 4-way direction pad with a separate "menu selection" key
    - Comes with BL-6C battery
    - MIDI or WAV ringtones
    - Great RF (better than Original N-Gage if 850 is being used)

    (2) Which N-Gage is better?
    It's really hard to say because everyone has their own opinions. But if you are looking function-wise the original N-Gage wins out with the stereo support, MP3 ringtones, radio, tri-band and additional cables/recording functions. But the QD counters with its 850 (for those 850 gurus), smaller-size, no side-talking, BL-6C battery(for extra battery life)and the easy removal of MMC.

    (3) Can my (input s60 phone here) play N-Gage games? Where/How can I find cracked N-Gage games for my (input s60 phone here)?
    Yes your s60 phone can play N-Gage games. How and where? according to forum rules, I am not allow to tell. Sorry.

    (4) How do I check firmware and IMEI on my N-Gage/QD?
    Press *#0000# on the main screen for firmware, and *#06# for IMEI.

    (5) How do I change my operator logo for my N-Gage/QD?
    Download SeleQ or FExplorer from, access the image thru either of the apps and select "Set as Operator Logo". If that doesn't work, SMS yourself or download an older format logo (black and white), and then save that logo. After that, you should be able to change your operator logo thru SeleQ or FExplorer.

    (6) How do I change my wallpaper on my N-Gage/QD?
    1) Press the application key
    2) Scroll to the "Tools" folder and open it
    3) Scroll to "Settings" and open it
    4) Select "Phone/Device" (whichever your phone may say)
    5) Select "Standby Mode"
    6) Select "Background Image"
    7) Select "Yes"
    8) Select either "Phone Memory" or your MMC card depending on where the image is saved
    9) Select the image
    10) Go back to your main screen of the phone

    (thanks to Midnight Sun and used with his permission )

    Please PM me if there are any mistakes or if I am missing anything...thanks!

    - Delon, aka angel_wing0

    (Thanks to Midnight Sun for proof-reading/editing!)

    Copyrighted by Delon, 2004

    Thread for FAQ Comments & Questions

    Posted at the Official N-Gage Forums!

    NOTE: Please ask/pm me for permission if you wanted to post my FAQ at other forums. It will be much appreciated.
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