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Thread: New problem(s) with Sendo X`

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    Exclamation New problem(s) with Sendo X`

    3 days after the Update to the Software 50C French Version, I noticed I could not get the Now! Screen to come up. It was blank no matter how I tried to recover the screen either by rebooting, pulling the sim out then reboot etc....

    I had to reset the Sendo X holding the 5 key and clear eveything and what do you know, the Now! screen appeared! That was a relief but whoa, what a BUG!!

    After entering all the info over again, I finally noticed the signal a little more constant but everday and occasionally each day I need to reboot the phone when I notice no signal, then instantly I get FULL BARS.... yeah Sendo X is still an annoying little phone that does all kinds of great stuff, but it hard to not tell the truth when others are just amazed at your phone. I paid $384 to cancel wit AT&T and get T mobile along with this Sendo X phone which brings a total close to $1000 USD for the complete switch.

    I should have stuck a little longer with my Ananolg/Digital panasonic... I wish I didn't need to bear with such a flawed phone. This is like windows all over again. Good thing is that I finally bought an SD card to keep anything installed away from the buggy software of the phone. Anyone want to buy my phone?

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    I had the Sendo X and also had the same problem with the RF. It would just lose reception and I would have to turn it off and on to get it to work. I contacted Sendo, who didn't really have anything helpful. I sold the phone, too bad really because otherwise its a great little unit.