Sendo receives a lot of questions regarding the availability of ringtones and graphics for it's phones since being less well-known than other manufacturers many ringtone/graphics sites do not support their phones while others indicate the availability of ringtones/graphics/software that are not actually compatible with the phone.

Sendo have addressed this issue with the launch of the sendo shop where sendo owners can purchase ringtones, graphics and software for their phones in the knowledge that they are guaranteed to work.

At the moment the ringtone and graphic content is not as good as it could be but this will change in the very near future. Additionally further software will be added regularly as well as content for the Sendo X and other new phone models.

The prices are also very competitive, with ringtones less than half what you would pay elsewhere (particularly for the UK, this may be less so for other countries). And if you use code D0AB2 you get 10% off all credit card purchases.

Check it out: