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Thread: 8580 "Hidden Menu"

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    ronag Guest

    8580 "Hidden Menu"

    I was wondering if there are ANY hidden menus simialr to the Nokia 6100 Series.

    Basically I'm looking to access WAP sites that are NOT on any of the Clearnet packages. Is there a way to access them? I've read about a way to do it with the Sanyo 4500, and wondering if anyone has had any luck with this model

    Thanks in advance.

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    howardchui Guest

    Re: 8580 "Hidden Menu"

    Check my page 7 of my Samsung 8580 review, I have pictures of the programming menus.

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    ronag Guest

    Re: 8580 "Hidden Menu"

    Where do I get the lock code it is asking for, also, will any of these menus allow me to "enable" browsing OUTSIDE of what Clearnet offers?

    If not, where can I possibly get any info on this subject. I've tried searching the newsgroups with no luck.

    Thanks in advance

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    howardchui Guest

    Re: 8580 "Hidden Menu"

    You can get the code from Clearnet/telus, just get a friend who has a clearnet phone and phone clearnet, tell them you want to swap phone with them and they'll give you the code.

    I don't think any of these menus will allow you to surf to other sites.

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