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    Exclamation Welcome to the Samsung Forum!


    Welcome to the Samsung Forum on Howard Forums!

    I'm going to do some Spring cleaning around here. For the time being, that means a few changes.

    I'm going to unsticky a few threads that have been up a while, in order to make it easier for me to keep the forum tidy, and because a thread that is popular will stay up anyways.

    Stickies will be reserved for threads that have to be up at the top of the forum, such as rules, etc.

    Further, I'd like to make a few requests from those of you reading and participating in the forum.
    • PLEASE make the titles of your thread clear, understandable, and concise. "Please Help!" does not only provide little information on the subject of the thread, but it deters many people from reading those types of threads. These don't happen to often, but it really doesn't help in keeping this forum clean.
    • Try to look around and see if your question, concern, or problem has already been answered or solved. Inversely, if someone asks a question which has been answered before, please try give an answer -- not a link to the search page. We have all asked questions before which have been previously answered. No need to be rude and quickly dismiss the pereson and their concern: if everybody did that, Howard Forums would not contain the wealth of information it does.
    • NO flaming. This will not be tollerated. I've already closed one of those threads and issued warnings. This no flaming rule is in place so the forums are peaceful, respectful, and full of cool and important information. Please, don't do it. It won't be pretty. If you find a thread or post with flaming, please click the "report to mod" link!

    If you have any suggestions, ideas, thoughts, or comments on how I can improve the Samsung forum, please eMail me (link is in my profile) or PM me. I'm always open to ideas and suggestions.

    With this said, enjoy your stay in the Samsung forum.

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