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    This FAQs may not be used or reprinted in Whole or Part without the express written consent of and sketch42

    Howard Forums iDEN FAQ's vers. 1.1

    YOU are the only one responsible for what you do to your phone, so weather YOU decide that you should follow what some weirdo, you never met, tells you is up to you.
    So don't be mad or hold someone else reponsible if somehow, YOUR decision causes you to screw up your phone......

    -What's Firmware/Software?
    Firmware is like the Operating System that directly controls the phones hardware and its abilities. All Firmware is the same for everyones i60/i90/i95/i730 etc... There are diff versions which will have diff ablities or improvements, such as reception issues and bug fixes. But if you have Firmware .04 and I have that same version we have the exact same file... they are the same exact firmware.

    -What's a Codeplug(CP)?
    Firmware and Codeplug are different. I'll explain... The Codeplug is a small file full of settings and information that the Firmware reads and processes so it knows what to do with the phones hardware for that particular phone. The codeplugs, however, are different for everyone and will have diff settings and carrier branding depending on what company you get the phone through (aka nextel, boost, telus... etc.) This allows Motorola to make the same phone work for other companies without having to make totally diff phones or totally diff firmware files, which are huge and take a lot of time to load into the phone. This means that you can NOT load your CP into a friends phone or vice versa for his settings are diff and putting a different CP other than your own can cause your phone to have issues. Theres a lot I left out because if I sat and explained it you'd puke...

    -How Do i access my CP and why would i want to?
    In order to access your CP you will need a piece of software called RSS(Radio Service Software) which can be found at Download Section This Program will read the inner settings of the phone and transfer them into a file on your computer. There are different versions of RSS as they all have different capabilities the most commonly used are Super Agent and Carrier RSS. Now since your CP holds various pieces of information as was explained earlier that have to do with the phones settings, if we take the CP and modify it here and there we can 'personalize' our iDEN handset, such as modifying your color schemes on your i730 by using various patchers or making the keypad flash on your i90/i95 using similiar patchers. A Further explaination of RSS will be covered in the next question.

    -Ok i got RSS now How do i use it?
    Well next step is to make sure u have a data cable ...serial or usb, if you're using a serial cable than make sure you have the correct com settings in RSS by selecting tools than options, if you are using a USB cable make sure you have downloaded the appropriate drivers from Here than in rss click on Tools and than options and check the usb box.
    Next click on 'File' and select 'Read Phone' once your phone has been Read and Patched using the Various patchers out there, click on 'File' and than 'Write Phone'. thats all , simple huh...

    -How do i load Ringtones, Games, Wallpapers to my phone?
    You need WebJAL.... see the next Question for more info

    -What is WebJAL?
    WebJAL is a program used to upload ringtones, wallpapers and java applications onto your phone.

    -Where can I get this WebJAL program? And How Do I Set it up???
    Download and Setup Instructions for WebJAL by ClickingHERE.

    -What is the ID/password for WebJAL?
    Leave the User ID/Password Fields Blank

    -I still don't get it. How do I use WebJAL?
    Then you have bigger issues than we thought...hmmm post your problem/question and we'll see whats up, THIS DOESNT MEAN DONT SEARCH, ALWAYS SEARCH FIRST!!!

    -What About Other Programs other than WebJAL, cant i use those?
    You can use whatever you want, but we will not endorse any software that hasnt gotten approval from the ENTIRE community, but as with all software USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

    -Can i Download Ringtones Straight to my phone without any of these outside programs???
    Sure you Can!!!! Just Go HERE.

    -OK, OK.... So where do i get a Data Cable?
    Your local Nextel dealer should have them in stock, as well as the Manufacturer’s and Service Provider’s website. You can, of course, always hit up good ‘ol eBay or you can check out the iDEN B/S/T Section if you want one cheaper.

    -Which cable should i get USB or Serial?[
    Well, you also have to keep in mind that the serial cables are very very slow when compared with their USB counterparts(but there are no drivers needed to set up the serial cable). Also, since these phones have such finniky bottom connectors some prefer USB because if there's a connection problem you'll know about it immediately... not so with serial. With the proper drivers a USB cable will give you years of reliable service. Whichever you choose, be absolutely sure it's an OEM Motorola Data cable and not some knock off. That's the most important part. Well, that and making sure your computer has the appropriate ports on board.

    -Can I remove the word 'NEXTEL' from my idle screen?
    NO!.. So Stop Asking

    -My Ringtones won't Upload to my phone!
    They Must be in Proper Format.....
    *Midi's - Must be in Type 0 Format
    *Wav's - Must be 8000 hz 8 bit MONO and preferably under 25 sec
    for more info SEARCH!!!

    -I can't get USB to work on Win98!
    I can't get a lot of things to work on Win98. You're behind the times, pal. Get WinME at LEAST and see what you can do about installing Win2k or WinXP.

    -What if I have Linux or Mac?
    Than you're S.O.L.

    -Can I unlock a Boost phone to use on the Nextel Network?
    Yes. Search around, post it up someone somewhere will do it for you, most charge some dont... good luck

    -Can you get the number of rings extended before voicemail picks up?
    Yes. Call Nextel Customer Care. If you want to sound all smart ask them to add SOC code 'ALSRGTM30' or 'RINGTIME' to your phone. If you hear the support person go "Durrrrr..." then you found yourself an idiot. Just tell them that you want more rings before voicemail picks up and hopefully they’ll get it.

    -Is there a 24/7 Customer Care number?
    360-662-5960. This IS a long distance call, keep that in mind!

    -I read that your phone's warranty is voided if you modify your phone in any way… even by just using WebJAL. Is this true?
    Noone has confirmed a warranty rejection based on the use of WebJAL... but that’s not to say this isn’t true. As for housing mods, OF COURSE that voids your warranty!

    -How Do i find out what my Software Version and CP vers is?
    press # * Menu Right Arrow

    -Can i Transfer my phonebook from one iDEN phone to another iDEN phone without retyping them all over?
    Yes..... All you need is a Data Cable and this Software click Here to Download

    -Can i put my SIM from my i90(any Condor Series Phone) in my i730(any Falcon Series phone)?
    32k Condor SIM in Falcon Phone
    -Phone will power on and perform normal registration
    -Customers will lose the following Falcon Phone Features:
    *600 Contact Entry Capacity (remains 250)
    *Email address storage
    *20 character entry capacity
    *64 character/40 alphanumeric field capacity
    *Assignable ring tone and 'wait' dialing functionality
    For more Information See This Thread click Here

    where can i find games and apps for my Nextel?
    There are a few places, One you can go is or check out

    I Have heard that RSS is specific to a phones CP and Software version, is that right?
    Yes it is. In order to get the results you want for what you want to do, it is imperitive that you have the correct tools and software to do so.
    here is a brief list of what RSS goes with what software/CP
    Condor Series Phones(i30/i35/i50/i55/i58/i80/i85/i88/i60/i90/195/i99)
    Rss 01.14.02 = Software version .00 CP Structure 19/19
    Rss 01.15.02 = Software version .01 or .02 CP Structure 19/19
    Rss 01.15.03 = Software version .03 CP Structure 19/19
    Rss 01.15.04 = Software version .04 and greater CP Structure 1A.0A/19
    Falcon Series Phones(i205/i305/i530/i730/i733/i736)
    Rss 01.16.02 = Software version .00 through .04 CP Structure 2E
    Rss 01.16.04 = Software version .06 CP Structure 30

    I used to have a status light on my i90/i95 but i noticed that my 730 doesnt have one, is there anyway to put one one?
    Yup, sure is.... simpley go here and youll be fine.

    I Used WebJAL to put a wallpaper on my phone and its not in the wallpaper list, but it shows less memory, How do i get the memory back???
    Well there could be a few reasons why this happened. The solution is easy but first lets find out which problem was yours:
    Problem A) You have more wallpapers than your phone can handle. Maximum wallpapers including the Default ones are 16 so if thats how many u have try deleting one and see if the last one appears... if it does, than good
    Problem B) The image is over the recommended file size of 16,000 bytes, to correct this problem simply upload another wallpaper thats a smaller file size with the names exactly the same,say fo ex: MoBeY.gif was the original wallpaper , than the next one would be exactly the same spelling and all. Upload that and you should be fine
    Problem C) /\/\oto has a sense of humor, for some oddball reason they made the phones able to ONLY recognize a pic thats uploaded in .gif format and NOT .GIF, and the funny thing is a good 80% of the time winXP will save the files as .GIF . so to fix this open anyfolder on your computer, it does not matter which or where it is, click on "Tools" and than Folder Options, next select the "View" tab, find were it says [x]Hide extensions for known file types, and remove the check and click Apply than ok etc.... now go back to your file and you should now be able to physically see the file extension. Right click it and rename it accordingly with the appropriate extension.

    I want to make my own wav files for my 730, How do i do that??
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    VinnyCuz WebJAL Server Troubleshooting

    -WebJAL mysteriously closes when I try to connect to my phone.. and windows gives me an error message...What should i do??
    Download this Attachment click Here
    Extract it to the WebJAL folder and click yes to replace file. Reboot your pc and see if that helps.

    Runtime Error 53
    -Need vb6 files. Remove the .sam extension from the host file.

    Runtime Error 56
    MSCOMCTL.OCX is missing or not currently registered
    Download the following file
    then extract it and put it (MSCOMCTL.OCX) in your System Root:
    Windows 9x/Me: C:\Windows\SYSTEM
    Windows 2000/XP/2003: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32
    MSComm32.OCX will need to be registered. The easiest method is to copy MSCOMM32.OCX into the Windows\System directory then using the "Start" "Run" menu selectiontype
    (for win 9x/ME) "REGSVR32 C:\Windows\System\MSCOMM32.OCX".
    (for win 2k/XP) "REGSVR32 C:\Windows\System32\MSCOMM32.OCX".
    -This will register theOCX and the programs will run.

    Runtime Error 70
    - Log on your computer as admin. This is a permissions error either remove the write only from your hosts file or log on as system admin.

    Runtime Error 76
    - Use winzip to extract all files.

    -When I Try to install Apache i get a error message that says:
    Cannot load C:\program files\apache group\apache modules\mod_ssl into sever: (127)
    The specified procedure cannot be found syntax error on line 197 of c:\program files\ apache group\ apache\ conf\ httpd.conf
    Cannot load c:\program files\ apache group\ apache\ modules\ into server: <1157>

    -Go to the folder where you unzipped the patcher, now go into the zips folder and you will see, unzip that folder into you System32 directory or System directory depending on your operating system. Restart apache and youll be all set!!

    Error Apache Uninstalled
    -On some XP home installations, a message early in the install returns that there's an error in httpd.conf on some line number, unable to load mod_ssl.o -
    If you receive this error message - IGNORE IT. Finish the install as/per the instructions, to the letter!
    At the end of the install:
    start > run> cmd [enter]
    cd \program files\apache group\apache [enter]
    apache -k install -n "Apache" [enter]
    Now follow the instructions to start Apache.

    "Application Failed to Authenticate with Server"
    You Need to recheck a few things:
    1)check that your Hosts file is edited correctly
    On Win 9x/ME systems click start> Run> c:\windows\system
    On Win 2k/XP systems click start Run> c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc
    Locate the file called hosts (NOT hosts.sam) and right click on it and choose "Open With" Notepad
    make sure that this is a line found in your hosts file
    If it is not there please put it there
    (also make sure the line is not commented out .. meaning it does NOT look like this #

    2)reinstall the ssl certificate by clicking start > Run> C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache\conf\ssl
    and find the certificate file and install it

    3)Reupload the registry entry click here

    4)For some reason webjal and apache do not like any Mcaffeee products and will NOT work with any of these products install. Please Uninstall them and find a diff program for your virus protection
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