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Thread: P900 Faq

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    P900 Faq

    For all those who don't want to go through all those pages and just want the questions asked and answered, I'll summarize all the questions and their answeres here.

    I'll try to keep updating this as much as possible.

    1- P800-P900 comparason chart:
    My-Symbian comparison
    Clubsonyericsson comparison

    2- main review:
    My-Symbian Review

    3- Availability:
    Check this thread.

    4- Online Flashing service:
    Go to this link.

    5- Do P800 apps work on the P900?
    Yes, except for emulators and Doom (or maybe working, but with the screen messed up).

    6- Does the P900 fits into the car holder HCH-32?
    The P900 won't fit in the HCH 32. You need the HCH 30 or the HCH 37 (yet to be released)

    7- Does the alarm go off when the phone is off?

    8- Has the handwritting recognition been improved?
    Seems the same

    9- Memory Stick support?
    MS Duo up to 128mb, Pro not supported

    10- What is the video playback like - has the processor been improved at all ?
    The playback is good. The Video player is no longer restricted to QCIF resolution. Now you can prepare a true fullscreen video (320x208) and have it displayed without any scaling. You can also use bigger MP4s, e.g. 320x240 from PPC. They will be proportionally rescalled to fit the screen. The playback is smooth and looks really great on 16-bit screen. The frontlight technology of the display makes it even more crisp.

    11- Does the SMS delivery reports stay always ON?
    You have to turn them on everytime

    12- When receiving an SMS, does the sender's picture appear?

    13- Is the Fax capability available on the P900?

    14- Does the sync station supports USB 2.0?
    The port is still serial so the USB version doesn't really matter

    15- Is the headphone jack still 2.5mm or the standard 3.5 mm?
    Remains the same at 2.5mm

    16- Is the problem of noisy back cover still existing on the P900?
    No. The battery cover now doesn't leave any space between it and the battery. It lays flat on it and thus doesn't make noises.

    17- What about case quality?
    The quality of the casing is good. The only disappointment is the "flip replacement piece" which is too soft, i.e. using a stylus or anything else to remove it leaves some traces.

    18- And how about the screen, is it more glass like or is it still soft like in the P800?
    The screen is simply marvellous. It is all black. It uses frontlight technology which makes it much, much sharper. The contrast is very good, almost like my ViewSonic flat panel. The colors are just like on PC's display. Of course, it is not like glass - it is softer because it has a touch sensitive layer.

    19- Does the P900 now support birthdays and anniversaries? Does it support dates before 1980?

    20- Any new BT profiles?
    The only new BT profile is FTP.

    21- Does the mail client support HTML?
    No, not on current firmware

    22- Is there a built in spreadsheet and database application?

    23- Is the email client any better?
    The same.

    24- Is it possible to vew system files using the preinstalled File Manager?
    No, you can't view system files using the original File Manager that came preinstalled. You have to use something like FileMan or File Manager.

    25- Picture quality taken woth the P900 camera compared to the P800?
    Slightly Better

    26- Is the camera equipped with an optical zoom functionality?

    27- Is the communicorder capabale of recording sound too?

    28- Is it now possible to record a phone conversation?

    29- Did SE add some more functionality to the LED's? Like rapid flashing for missed calls or unread message.

    30- Does the P900 support Mophun games?
    No, not yet. But an engine will be released soon (P800 compatible too).

    31- Can you adjust the contrast in the P900?

    32- Did they include ring once and ringing profiles in the P900 and is it possible to assign a ringing tone to a whole group instead of doing it contact by contact like the P800 ?
    No and no.

    33- Has the speakerphone been improved?
    The quality of the P900's speakerphone has been improved. The audio quality is better and it seems to be louder.

    34- Does the P900 support Line 2 (ALS)?

    35- What type of screw driver is used?
    It's just a small cross-head screwdriver. You can use any other in case you lose it. It is used to detach and attach the flip.

    36- Is the flip a hassle to remove?
    Detaching/attaching the keypad is quite easy. Remove the cover, remove two screws, attach the cover replacement. And vice versa.

    37- Has the sound quality been improved?
    Yes, it is better. It is very good, actually.

    38- Is it possible to set bass and treble in the Music Player?

    39- When you receive a SMS from someone you have saved with apicture in the phonebook, does the SMS pop up with the picture?

    40- Does the P900 have zoom?

    41- What is 3gp and how can I use it?
    3GP is a greater compression rate that is used when recording on the P900 for MMS videos. it can be played using real Player

    42- The Messaging application in P900 incorporates several useful changes:

    1) All kinds of messages in the list view show two lines. The first line shows the number/name or email address of the sender and the second line shows the initial part of the message.

    2) Now you can send messages to GROUPS. You can not only select multiple contacts, but also folders (groups) of contacts.

    3) Small icons in Accounts view are quick links to creating new messages. Just tap the icon to start writing message of the chosen type. There are also buttons to create new messages or reply to existing ones so that you don't have to use menu.

    4) Improved sorting of SMS messages so that Bio-messages are sorted correctly. Another option of sorting messages is by their size.

    5) P900 now uses UIQ (and not own) EMS editor. This means that there are new button bars with quick access to smileys, pictures, sounds, font formatting and more.

    43- Language Support?
    Check this link

    44- Links to P900 stuff
    P900 Links
    Themes Making Guide
    DVD onto a memory stick duo

    thx to nasharty from my-symbian for the nicer layout
    and BengalBoy for the suggestion to bring this here

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