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Thread: Conjecture - 5G Rollout to Strain Large Providers Financially - SpaceX poised to takeover Wireless

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    Lightbulb Conjecture - 5G Rollout to Strain Large Providers Financially - SpaceX poised to takeover Wireless

    What are your opinions on this article. So far, our US Carriers have cleverly outwitted the market and always convinced us we need 5G or 6G (or even 7G) as needed.

    Is wireless going to be the New Bell Telephone?

    Will SpaceX fill the void and take over wireless?

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    I was quite content with EVDO because Verizon's LTE was so over saturated after they assimilated Alltel that was the only data service I could use . After Google "fixed" that by taking away my ability to force 3G I ended up moving to another carrier . My phone does not utilize 5G now and I'm quite content with my current abilities and speeds . But I don't have a Tik Toc account so that might be the problem with my reason for being content with what I've got .
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