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    RedBullMobile esim

    Fyi, was playing around with this red bull mobile esim

    They have a free 100MB (expires after 365days) once you sign up in app (and also referral codes if you want to use mine, only useful you were to buy data: RCz4QRX1UDuhJbGj

    It allowed me to connect to Verizon, I was able to use data after manually configuring APN to Able to force band13 (used by Verizon only), but it could also use band66 and other

    Was able to connect t T-Mobile/att (could go on att band 14)

    first time I've seen Verizon supported, exit IP was in Vienna, "A1 Telekom Austria AG", so going thru it's parent company (not white label MVNO) and it seems like A1 Telekom has roaming agreement with Verizon?

    Supposedly even 5G too (it's just R15 indicator, i don't see it actually connecting to 5G NSA though. The esim slot on phone doesn't support SA 5G

    Unfortunately it's not PAYG. 4EUR/GB USA for 30days, nothing shorter or longer. Different rates for different countries. But I guess it's a very good option for someone who needs backup data monthly/oneoff
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