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    Virtual SIM Advice for iPhone 14Pro

    I live in the UK but spend a fair amount of time in the US (NYC) and as my UK carrier charges me £6 per day (approx $7.50) for unlimited minutes, text & data, I wondered if I might do better getting a virtual pay as you go SIM to use when in New York.

    I’d use data more than minutes or texts when there and ideally, any calls made to my UK number would come through as normal when using the US SIM. Would also like to know when my balance is getting low so I can add funds online as needed.

    Any advice on if this is likely to work/be cheaper and any specific recommendations for a SIM?


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    Just for your information, we refer to this as prepaid or MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) in the US. There are several providers (who use either T-Mobile, At&t or Verizon) to provide their services. If you want to activate/use your eSIM you may be limited on which prepaid provider you can use. Some prepaid/MVNO providers do not currently support the eSIM with all phones/devices. The iPhone 14 should be compatible with most providers.

    Have a safe trip.
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