Starting the search to replace what I currently have with Telus because my phone is on its last leg and I finally need to bite the bullet.

2x BYOD (1x Samsung Note 8, 1x Iphone 11 Pro Max)
12 Gigs Share Data (6x2)
Unlimited Canada wide calling/Texting/SMS
Total $135 (64x2) w/ GST

Comparing that to what some people I mentioned they have for data especially it seems overpriced, but I really don't know what is average, and what is a "good deal" these days.

I'd like to go to 3 plans, adding my kid. Data could increase and price can increase a bit, I'd like to stay under $180 total with 3 plans if possible, 1 new but not top tier phone, maybe a second one depending on price. Is my best option to call Telus and basically say "gimme your best offer"? I haven't done any "plan shopping" or anything in several years, obviously.

I'm in Calgary, so if you know someplace local that could help, that would be great.

I'm also open to going elsewhere, my only HARD NO is Bell, and unfortunately Freedom (because where I lived the service sucked and I don't think it's improved), but I'm okay with Telus, Fido/Rogers, or maybe the other smaller players that are just discount carriers.

If this type of post doesn't belong here, I'm sorry and feel free to remove it.

Thanks in Advance,