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Thread: Possible to switch from T-Mobile Boost to AT&T Boost?

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    Possible to switch from T-Mobile Boost to AT&T Boost?

    I have been a Boost customer for many years and had excellent coverage amd service when Boost was Sprint in Westchester County, NY. However, with the death of 3G and migration to T-Mobile, I get only one bar of service at my home now. If Boost T-Mobile had Wifi calling, I would be fine, but alas, no wifi calling available.

    I think AT&T would provide better service at my home.

    Is there any way to keep account/plan/phones and get on Boost AT&T? Has anyone done this? I have four iphones and have a family 4/$100 plan.

    If not, I may try Cricket, but I have to wait 5 months for two of my phones to unlock from Boost.

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    as long as you are still on the old billing system you could port your number to new system. dealer are instructed not to do this with the exception of customers switching to an iPhone 14 since that device is eSIM only and the old billing system does not support eSIM

    unfortunately there is no possibility to keep your existing plan and switch to new billing system or ATT network. if the migration from sprint is an indication of things to come the longer you wait the better your options are likely to be. in the case of the migration from sprint the let everyone keep their plans at the very end but until lots of people lost them and accepted new more expensive plans to move to t-mobile. there were also free devices offered to those who had sprint only device not compatible with t-mobile that got better as time went on

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