WebApp is the revolutionary way to browse internet and any website on your mobile device! Web App allows you to create app from website that you can browse just like a mobile app. It will make your internet browsing experience smoother and more user friendly when you browse internet on your mobile phone. We are using the progressive web app (PWA) concept to create app from website for you. Download and use our PWA web app maker for FREE now!

What’s web app, or PWA or Progressive Web App? Progressive Web App is a web page that can act as an app. You don’t have to know how to code or how to create an app from scratch. Simply enter the URL and we will transform it into a web application for smoother browsing experience. Web applications are friendlier to your eyes as they automatically adjust to your screen size. Once you try browsing with PWA or progressive web app, you won’t go back to use common browser apps.

How to create an app from website on WebApp: Open Webapp and press the Create button. Enter the URL of the web page you want to browse. We will automatically create an app from website and the icon will appear on the Webapp Homepage. Press on the icon and start browsing the website as if it’s a mobile app. It’s an instant app build without wait time. You can also clone apps by creating more than 1 app from the same URL, but you need to rename the clone app (i.e Linkedin and Linkedin1).


✅ Create app from website to browse internet more easily.
✅ FREE unlimited app maker/ app creation
✅ Clone app by creating duplicate apps from any website.
✅ Browse internet from PWA mobile apps for better user experience.
✅ Instant app creation & app build, no wait time.
✅ Works on all Android mobile devices.
✅ Press existing icons to start browse internet from popular websites.
✅ Newly created web apps are stored in the Webapp and can act as bookmarks.

It only takes a few seconds to download WebApp and try it out by entering any URL. You will experience how convenient it is to browse internet with PWA (progressive web app). You don’t have to save the URLs as bookmarks because we automatically save these web applications on your device so whenever you want to browse it again, you only have to open web app and click on the icons. So simple, user friendly, and you don’t have to bother with coding or deep knowledge on how to create an app or mobile app build.

So, what are you waiting for? Download and try Webapp now!


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