I have a Motorola Moto G (4) that was in a house that my wife and I cleaned out. The previous owner left it deliberately and told my wife that he doesn't want it. Of course it has the FRP block with no way of contacting the previous owner. He now lives out of state and wouldn't want to give me his Google ID and password anyway.

I don't want to install another Google account on the phone and my thought is to use it to download and listen to podcasts. No calls, texts or data.

The FRP unlock services that I've seen on eBay and elsewhere tell you to connect the phone to your laptop, download TeamViewer, give them your log-in and password the they connect remotely from India or the Dominican Republic and do their mumbo-jumbo. The whole thing sounds fishy to me and probably illegal to boot.

Is there a way to use this phone only as an MP3 player?