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Thread: Downgrading an Auto Refill plan. Consequences?

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    Downgrading an Auto Refill plan. Consequences?

    Just bought a Moto G Stylus 2021 from T.F. Had to also buy a a plan. 30days/500 bucket Auto Refill/$15/month. This phone will only be uses as a back-up in case my Pixel 3XL goes bonkers during my 5 months in Yuma. My intention is to get my bucket to 1500 then switch to the 90 day $20 Auto Refill plan. Any problem? Will I keep the 1500 bucket?

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    You simply cancel auto refill on your old plan and then choose a new one of your choice and go back on it. You have a Paygo plan. As long as you add a plan before the service date ends you are fine. However I have seen some people let their service lapse on accident and you should have your balance protected for at least 30 days if you add an airtime card to your inactive line. Make sure to take screen shots of your balance in case of issues.

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