i want to get a 64gb or prefer a 128gb phone for a free line on metro pcs. but all the phones i see on there site that are android all say free with new line. i do not need new line. i have a free line thru the wifes plan and do not want to get a new paid line. so anyone have some ideas? can i have the wife get one and then have that free line attached to it?

if so do you know if she can do this thru the pc? so she can go online to metro order a phone that is free and then when it gets to us go back online and have that free line number attached to that new phone from metropcs?

i now have a tracfone that has the metro sim in it but it is 32gb storage and i need 64gb but would like to get 128gb just for future use. tracfone gave me that phone because the lg k20 was not going to be usable after july. so they made me switch but that a21 i picked out is useless without adopting storage. so i have to get more.

so maybe some can help me find out if i can get a phone free from metro and have that free line put into it. the wife got that free line when she up graded her phone in may.