I wasn't sure where to post this but I decided to put it here. I have an old Android flip that has a touch screen as well as a physical keyboard called the ZTE z353vl.

It was stuck in continual download, installing English language files. It just would never end. The battery was draining rapidly and I had to shut the phone down in order to charge it because it would not charge as long as that thing was going on. The battery was getting really hot.

I tapped on the installation notification and attempted to shut down the automatic installation but it wouldn't quit even though I told it not to automatically update. I tried removing the battery and rebooting the phone and it started up all over again.

I looked around to see which application was responsible and I think it has something to do with speech to text features.

I went under battery and looked to see which application it might show as using the most battery power. I disabled downloads. First I forced it to stop. After I did that, the little download arrow disappeared from the notification bar.

When I switched the phone on in the morning it would start again but as soon as I forced downloads to stop and disabled it, it quit.

Now my ZTE flip battery is holding a charge really well and not getting hot.

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