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Thread: Wifi Calling on H2O Not Working

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    Wifi Calling on H2O Not Working

    Have a 3 month old Moto G Play (2021) on the "pay-as-you-go" plan. Till now, I had not really concerned myself with wifi calling.
    The phone IS wifi calling capable so I turned on the feature, turned on "airplane mode" so as to force it to use wifi and confirmed that I was connected to the wifi network. When placing a call, I get the message to "Turn off airplane mode or connect to a wireless network". I tried three different network connections in my home to no avail
    I have spoken to H2O CS three times today (got disconnected 30 minutes into the first two calls). Of course, they had me check the same things on each of the three calls. I was told that wifi calling is a feature of my plan and should work. The last CSR said that maybe my phone is not compatible.
    It is an AT&T phone and of course H2O uses the AT&T network. Based on this and the newness of the phone, it makes no sense that there is a compatibility issue.
    My wife has an iPhone on AT&T prepaid plan and the wifi calling works fine.
    Any ideas out there?

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    I reached out to them about the same issue (I use unlocked Pixel 3a). They told me WiFi calling only works for iPhones.

    Same Pixel 3a supports WiFi calling on AT& Prepaid without any issues.

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    OK, I found the solution, no thanks to H2O.
    I removed and reinstalled the sim card and all is well now.
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