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Thread: new twist, old scam. goodye data

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    new twist, old scam. goodye data

    T mo has been squeezed to obtain tower space on existing ATT structures in rural areas like mine. After sub-leasing, they now both use the same available backhaul for network connection. With faster speeds, they need to reduce demand - so the latest maps (just dropped) now show large sections of 'partner' coverage. Partner = domestic roaming (or not). Data only devices are not allowed to roam on Tmo, and phones get 200mb max on most networks. If your home, like mine, is now in a designated partner area, what can you still do with your wireless devices? I don't know yet. I have a new n71 signal in my kitchen, but am doubtful about the extent of use it may provide. Certainly all the towers and backhaul already belonged to ATT, and although they acted in concert with Tmo to form this roaming designation, it does not make them partners in anything more than limiting data service to a smaller defined area in more rural locations. Falsely implying that they merged networks to expand this (mostly volte) coverage doesn't change the fact that both companies will have a greatly reduced data demand by restricting the data service area. I don't believe signal repeaters will pick up anything but the local partner signal, so their plan appears to be complete. I would look carefully at their latest maps before making any service changes. T Mobile's customer service refused to define 'partner service' in chat yesterday. That tells me plenty

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    In my experience, carriers are reluctant to confirm any information (except very general) about their towers or shared towers. They rarely will confirm the physical location of those same towers. That is considered proprietary information and not shared with the public at large. You may be able to research who owns a piece of property where a tower is located through city, county or state records but it rarely will show the carrier's name. You are making assumptions and we know what happens when you do that. There is no scam, the carrier can only confirm where coverage should be located and factors such as terrain, building construction and any physical landmarks cannot be determined by them and can affect your coverage. Complaining on this or any internet forum, to the carrier or the FCC won't change that. Coverage is NEVER guaranteed by any carrier.
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