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Thread: Google Pixel 6 On AT&T Prepaid

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    Google Pixel 6 On AT&T Prepaid

    I currently have AT&T Prepaid service.

    I am considering switching to a Google Pixel 6.

    If I get a Google Pixel 6, can I switch my AT&T Prepaid service to an eSIM?

    Will I be able to use AT&T wifi calling and texting with an unlocked Google Pixel 6?
    (Or, would I have to buy an AT&T Google Pixel 6 for wifi calling and texting?)

    What about the dual SIM feature? Can I use a Verizon MVNO, like Total Wireless, on the physical SIM?
    (I assume BOTH the eSIM and physical SIM are unlocked on an unlocked Google Pixel 6?)

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    I have an unlocked 4a 5G and I have AT&T prepaid in the esim. Everything works (WiFi calling and VoLTE). I also have a foreign provider's sim on the physical slot that also works.

    I don't see any reason why things wouldn't work with Pixel 6.

    The only thing I don't know is how to transfer the esim when/if I get a new phone.

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    I agree with haris163, I'm using pixel 6 pro just like you described except I've a foreign physical SIM.

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