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Thread: Good VZ prepaid phone deal - Motorola One Ace 5g UW $199

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    Good VZ prepaid phone deal - Motorola One Ace 5g UW $199

    Found a pretty decent Verizon prepaid phone deal at Walmart today. Supports 5g UW. Specs are good. $100 cheaper than most other places.

    For those of you needing a new Verizon prepaid phone with decent specs and 5g.

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    Excellent phone. Our family has four of them. The only downside is the Motorola OS does not allow for the microSD card to be used in "share" mode. It will only allow work for the storage of files, videos, etc, not active apps. But there is a workaround that I found that works great. The memory is now 576 gig of shared memory. Why Lenovo who makes Motorola phones kept that feature out is weird.

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    I bought one if these phones(xt2113-1) because they say it has support for cBand(band 77?) with the latest system update.

    Can Anyone confirm that it is working for you?

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