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Thread: T-Mobile Legacy PayGo roaming in Canada

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    T-Mobile Legacy PayGo roaming in Canada

    Legacy Gold Rewards PayGo on an iPhone 6s running iOS 12.1.1

    I use this phone only when I travel internationally, voice/text only. International roaming still working as of December 2021.

    Canada roaming rates: Talk $1.00/min, Text $0.10 each.

    Western Canada, Lower Mainland. This time it auto selected Telus network. Last time I went in 2019 it selected Bell. Network Selection is available for manual selection. Bell works fine. Rogers and Freedom does not, "No Service".

    For some weird reason, it shows 3G on Bell. I forgot to check and turn data on on Telus, and forgot to check if it used VoLTE connection for calls. No data is available on the legacy PayGo plans anyways. Left the phone mostly off because I still get dinged for calls while roaming even if I don't answer and it goes to voicemail.

    Probably not traveling overseas internationally this year, but will update in the future if the possibility comes.
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