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    Mint Mobile

    I switched one line to them about a month ago from Red Pocket and overall the service has been decent. I started on the 10gb plan but since have moved to the unlimited plan.

    One thing I don’t like is that they charge 3 dollars for every new esim activated so I am using the sim in a iPhone se 2020. Also when using my pixel 3 xl it only says Mint as the carrier. On the iPhone it switches between Mint and T-Mobile and I have a lot better coverage on the iPhone.

    The customer service was decent trying to get WiFi calling working but that is still hot or miss for me on my iPhone. Haven’t needed to tether much but it works fine on either device

    Will I renew in December? Maybe as I like my internet speed and have had better service than when on the GSMA for RedPocket. I will try to move to a physical sim if I stay long term so I can swap phones at my leisure without a $3 charge per phone switch….my biggest pet peeve of Mint.

    At my home I have all carriers. At my work I have good signal on Mint with the IPhone and none on the android on Mint.

    Anyways wanted to share my feedback on Mint.

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    Had mint with iPhone for years without problems other than occasional deprioritization on congested networks, or failure to load certain websites on slow data. $15/month for 4gb of LTE data on their annual plan is hard to beat.

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