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Thread: AT&T authorized retailer franchise

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    AT&T authorized retailer franchise

    Hello There,
    I would like some input from fellow members who have experience with Verizon/ AT&T franchise. How profitable is this business and if there is anything available (existing retail store) for sale? I am looking to open one (VA or NJ) and contacted wireless zone and others but they are saying that they haven't anything available yet.
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    How could anyone offer you information about a store for sale without knowing where you are or want to have a store ?? While I have never owned or managed such a franchise, I do know there are a lot of upfront and recurring costs involved. I did work for Russell Cellular (Verizon authorized dealer) at one time as a store rep.

    Hopefully you will get more feedback soon from others. Have you ever managed a retail store or are you planning to hire someone to manage it for you ?
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    It used to be $1 million minimum to open a few locations because they only wanted large corps to run ARs but I heard that changed recently. Verizon a little cheaper. I would honestly open a liquor store or restaurants with that much money. Anyway, cell phone stores are a waste of time and money and are dying. PM me if you need any help, I managed a large independent wireless business and can guide you further.

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