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    IPhone 6s is dead


    I have this 6s that worked great. Then I left it on a shelf for a month and when I got it back I put it to charge, I tried it and it worked but since then it's dead and I don't understand why. The battery is practically new. I measure the current that reaches the battery connector and it gives me 0.25 volts. Amps do not go through and this is a big problem. I tried to change the spare part that carries the charging cable connector but everything remains the same. I tried brushing the battery contacts with isopropyl alcohol. I changed several charging leads and also the chargers. Nothing. The display is new. I even took it to the Chinese who told me that the current was flowing and to change the piece that carries the charging cable connector, which I did. Is it possible that the battery connectors or the connector on the side (the one from the spare connector, wider, to the motherboard) are broken?
    I wanted to repair it to give it to a poor little boy but I can't. It bothers me because everything worked fine and it's not clear why it does not anymore. There aren't that many pieces in a 6s. I searched the internet but it didn't help me.
    I rely on your generous patience.
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    I would suggest that you take it to an Apple store for evaluation. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment ahead of time. How long did you charge the phone ? If the battery was completely drained to 0%, recharging will take longer to build it back up. Batteries, even new, left uncharged for a month will slowly drain even if the phone is not in use. This is nothing new or unheard of.
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    You can take it to the Apple store like Serial Port suggests, or mail it in, and they will diagnose it correctly. However, in my area there is an independent Apple repair shop and I've found that they are as knowledgeable as the "geniuses" at the Apple store and charge much less for the same fix. Perhaps there's one near you.

    By the way I bought my wife the 6S Plus several years ago and she loves it. I see no reason to upgrade it until it dies or until I die, whichever comes first.
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    A few years ago, someone passed on an iPhone 6 to me with a badly shattered screen. It was working fine except for the shattered screen. I set it aside while I ordered a new screen.

    Four months later, I took it out and plugged it in. There was no charging icon that came on even after a whole day of charging. I thought the phone’s screen just completely broke. But, temporarily transferring that broken screen to another iPhone 6 showed it still works. So, I thought, maybe it’s the battery.

    After moving the broken screen back and reconnecting the battery, however, the iPhone 6 turned on. Go figure. Maybe it’s just been sitting so long (4 months) in the drawer that it took a long time to charge and disconnecting/reconnecting the cable to make it turn on again.

    I replaced the broken screen after that.

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