I bought an iphone 11 several months ago; its my first iphone. At first, voicemail, etc, worked with no issue. I then learned that my current phone company, Puretalk, supported visual voicemail so I called to request it. I did not like visual voicemail and stopped getting notifications about voicemails when this switch was made. Called Puretalk and asked them to remove visual voicemail and put everything back to how it was. Still was not getting notifications (settings were correct) and after another phone call, Puretalk fixed this and everything was okay.

I noticed eventually that I was not getting voicemail notifications. Did a lot of trying myself, calling Puretalk, googling and trying again myself. I have the latest update installed. Eventually I got to the point where I am getting notifications, but get the message that someone else has accessed my voicemail and I should try again later when I call voicemail; so, basically, I have to wait and call at least twice to access my voicemail. Also, visual voicemail is on there I could call Puretalk and have them remove that, but they seem to be guessing at what to do and at least i have notifications back.

Sorry for the long story, but my understanding is that your phone company does need to help to solve this type of issue (they tried, but I think they are lost). I know it is possible for it to work because it has before. Other than the big 3, is there a phone company that has reasonable rates that plays well with iphone voicemail and everything else? Also, very willing to follow steps to solve myself (I have reset and done all kinds of things), but this is the best I can get it. It is important I get notifications. Thanks!