I've got a Moto G7 Optimo Maxx Tracfone with Android 10.
Since before owning this phone - previous was LG Fiesta II with Android 7 - I have had issues with playing music and other audio.
I will be listening, then suddenly there is a brief hiccup or stutter in the music. It only lasts for a fraction of a second, but is extremely annoying.
This is happening while playing music that is stored on my phone as .ogg files - not streaming.

I thought the problem was Poweramp (paid, current version), which I have been using for years, but now I get the same problem with the built-in player (not sure what it's called, but the one that plays audio files by default when you select them in file browser).

I have tried everything, including uninstalling apps I thought might have anything to do with sound, but to no avail.
The hiccups are completely random, and occur on any song.
I know the problem is not the music or other audio file, because I can play the same file again and the hiccup will not be there (at least not at the same spot).

I have tried turning off WiFi, and notifications. This has not helped either.
The problem occurs with both wired and bluetooth headphones.

I am currently switching my music library from .ogg to .flac, but I am doing this for other reasons, and do not expect this to fix the problem.

Any ideas?