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Thread: PSA: Adding New Line; Keeping Grandfathered Plan

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    PSA: Adding New Line; Keeping Grandfathered Plan

    I just had an experience this past Monday where I added a sixth line.

    The CSR explained that he could add a 6th line without affecting my Sprint Unlimited Freedom premium Plan which includes 60 GB hotspot per device, et al - which is similar to T-Mo’s Premium to Max plan.

    That evening I see that my Unlimited Freedom Premium plan was gone; now I have Unlimited Basic, 5GB Hotspot, et al. Wow.

    I get on the phone/chat with two different CSRs who say “Yes, the Freedom Plan was ‘sales expired’ and there is no way to ever get it back.”

    Next day, I call Sprint CSR. I get a super CSR who immediately escalates my call to Account Services. They, including manager, look at what was done. Sure enough, it is gone, but they will re-apply it with the start of the new billing cycle which is only 4 days away.

    They tell me that it was critical that I called and escalated right away. Otherwise, there would have been little that they could have done.

    Moral of the story: Look at your updated plan and make sure that it still has the same plan that you had or that you expected. With so many legacy and evolving unlimited plans, it is best to know what you have and should have. Act quick and do not rely on “sales” summary.

    I was quite polite as was Sprint. Thankfully, back to where I was with a sixth line under the Unlimited Premium plan.

    Be careful, alert, trust, BUT verify.
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    Thanks for the heads up. I like the Reagan saying too. "Trust but verify". Rings true in so many ways.

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