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Thread: any experience with Trac Fone?

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    any experience with Trac Fone?

    They were the only ones that had the phone I wanted. I've had only AT&T before. But they simply didnt have what I wanted. from Trac Fone, I got a flip phone for & 29 and a service plan for $ 20 a month. The problem with them that I can see is that they didnt have stores like AT&T where you can go in and get help from a person. For instance when I get the phone, I will either call or chat with them to get the phone activated and to get my old phone number on the new phone. i've never had to do that before and am quite nervous about it. Anyone had Trac Fone and what is that self-activation like? Thank you

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    TracFone is an MVNO and has its own sub-forum.
    Donald Newcomb

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