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Koodo has fallen in line with fellow Big Three second-stringers Fido and Virgin—each is now offering a monthly data bucket of 10GB for a very reasonable (for Canada) $50. And as an added bonus you also get phone service and texting, too!

Virgin Mobile kicked things off over the weekend, with Fido joining in yesterday and Koodo today. It's all to mark the Lunar New Year (Year of the Ox), which begins this Friday, February 12th. Hopefully these offers will stay on the table until then.

Some specifics: Fido is offering up to $188 in bill credits and additional savings, Koodo will give you 888 free long distance minutes to select Asian countries and Virgin bumps up those long distance minutes to an even thousand.

I myself have enjoyed service on all three of these carriers, with cost being my only complaint. When you consider that Bell, Rogers and Telus proper are all now charging $80/month for only 15GB of data (previously $75/month for 20GB), these new year promotions are pretty decent in comparison.

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