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Thread: how to decide for choice other than Google Play Store?

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    Here is an article about how to stop google from tracking you.

    How can you use Android, but not be tracked by Google

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    Quote Originally Posted by joseg2016 View Post
    ---part snipped out---

    Another thing I found which helped me want to step away from using Google for smartphone and apps, is that the playstore account does not let you clean-up or edit or delete information in the playstore account. This account holds EVERYTHING you have done with Google Play and makes for too, too much cluttering information. Google just collects way too much information -- way way way way too much information.

    ---part snipped out---
    I just visited my Google account which I had used on a smartphone in year 2016, the cellular service and device I no longer use. I just visited the playstore section of that Google account.

    I see no "history" which I complained about, in the post quote shown above. MAYBE this is because I 'removed' the old device from this Google account, but I am not sure if this is the reason. Actually, I had both removed the Google account from that old device, and also removed the device from the Google account. I am thinking that this absence of History so that the playstore account looks cleaner now, is the result of removing either or both of (1) the account from the device, and (2) the device from the account.

    No display anywhere of any apps installations, downloads updates, searches for apps, or anything.

    Future plans uncertain, but might include setting up a new Google account to be dedicated to the NEW device, learn again to download and install a couple of choice apps, and from time to time, check what I can see in my playstore account section of the Google account. I would then stick with Google Playstore, and not worry about going to some other brand (non-Google) of playstore.

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